Nitrogen Atomized <br>Spherical Al Powder
Nitrogen Atomized
Spherical Al Powder
High Purity <br>Spherical Al Powder
High Purity
Spherical Al Powder
Air Atomized<br> Nodular Al Powder
Air Atomized
Nodular Al Powder
Ball Milled <br>Flake Al Powder
Ball Milled
Flake Al Powder
Al Resin Paste Series
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Product description
  •        Metal materials can be used as thermal conductive fillers because of their excellent thermal conductivity performance and their high thermal conductivity coefficient. Metal aluminium has relatively high cost performance in thermal conductive fillers because of its advantages in reserves and price ,thus aluminium powder as the filler is widely used in all kinds of thermal conductive material. 
  •       The aluminium powder used as the thermal conductive filler is pretreated with organic silicone oil or silicone resin. On the one side, it solves the problem of easy to raise dust in the process of using aluminium powder, eliminates the potential safety hazards in the process of operation, and improves the safety of use.On the other side, through the pretreatment, it improves the wetting property between organic silicone oil or resin and filler, reduces the "oiliness" of thermal interface material, facilitates stripping, and improves the process stability of product post-treatment.    



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